student leaders:
why should you come to ltc?


"As the JC's welcomed everyone by their cheers and dance moves, I knew these were going to be the best 4 days of my summer. Even though, I was overwhelmed by all the new faces at first, the whole LTC staff made it easy for me to break out of my shell. Just after a few hours, I was dancing and singing on the top of my lungs. Although, it was just four days, I managed to learn many things about leadership, both inside and outside the classrooms. The zealous environment was so contagious that by the end of the session, no one wanted to say goodbye. LTC has helped me in many more ways than I could have ever imagined and I cannot wait to spread all of my LTC knowledge to my peers!"

Muskan Jawed - South Brunswick High School (2016 Session 1)

"I really liked LTC! The games were very helpful with learning how to speak well. I also learned how to become a great leader and won the election for Secretary of my school by using the skills I learned!"

Shea Meredith - Logan Township Middle School (2016 Session 1)

"I liked LTC because I made lots of friends and learned how to be a great student council officer. I learned how to be a leader, run a meeting, and speak with ease. I also learned how to step out of my comfort zone. Overall I loved LTC!"

Grace Lombardo - Logan Township Middle School (2016 Session 1)

"When the day finally arrived, I was beyond excited and anxious as I got out off the car. Seeing all the JCs cheering on for me made me realize that this was the place for me. From the very beginning I knew that I would love it here. The congenial environment immediately helped me become friends with and feel comfortable with all the delegates and JCs/SCs. From the numerous JCs R.O.C.K and many different valuable classes, LTC was one of the most beneficial experience that helped me improve my leadership skills. LTC was a life-changing experience for me and without a doubt the four best days of my summer!"

Zayna Jawed - South Brunswick High School (2016 Session 1)

"I had pushed off LTC for two years until my best friend convinced me to go. I am so glad she convinced me. I had such an incredible time at LTC, and feel so incredibly lucky that I was able to go. Between what I learned and the people I met it is truly a life changing experience. Not only did LTC make me a better leader but it made me a better person. I truly hope those who attend after me will have a very similar experience!"

Matthew Dufner - Warren Hills Regional High School (2016 Session 1)

"Before coming to LTC, many of my friends had told me that this conference is undeniably the happiest place on Earth! I didn't believe that there was such a place, although my friends had told me differently, until I came myself. Only when I came to LTC did I find myself never wanting to go back home! Somehow, LTC has way of combining leadership lessons, such as tips for speaking with ease and managing time, with loads and loads of excitement and fun. On top of that, everyone at LTC is so optimistic, encouraging, and easy to talk to, making the 4-day and 3-night experience so wonderful. I'm so grateful to have been a part of the fun at LTC and hope to come back soon!"

Shruti Nagpal - Melvin H. Kreps Middle School (2016 Session 2)

"This summer I came back to LTC for advanced and I was not disappointed. It brought so much joy to me to see the same enthusiasm and excitement for a second summer. LTC has allowed me to meet so many new friends that I have become so close with outside of the LTC atmosphere. I've broadened my horizons to different experiences and different people which has made me love LTC even more. Everything I've learned from the games, to the class material, and just the overall respect the adults give to the younger kids is something that I want to bring back to my community. I was so grateful to be able to come back to LTC and hopefully next summer I will come back as a JC. LTC has been a life changing experience!"

Nicole Smith - Warren Hills Regional High School (2016 Session 1)

"Coming back for LTC Advanced this year, I was able to experience an unforgettable four days all over again! So many wonderful memories from playing circle games with the JCs to screaming at the top of my lungs at the LTC Games. LTC has also really helped me strengthen my leadership skills in all different aspects. From public speaking to how to implement new ideas in our communities, LTC has given me so many new skills that I’m excited to use in the future! But what truly makes LTC the happiest place on earth are the people. At LTC I’ve been able to met some of the most interesting and friendliest people in the state. The only regret is having to leave this life-changing experience and I would love to come back again!"

Vishesh Shah - West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South
(2016 Session 2)

"Attending LTC has made a positive difference in my life by showing me in how many ways I am able to make a difference at my school. I want to use all the leadership skills I have learned to create a cleaner school. I am going to go and show my fellow classmates how much I have learned and how eager I am to pass along all that I have learned. Going to LTC the past two summers have helped me grown out of my public speaking fear, and I am now more willing to speak in front of my school. With all that I have learned this summer, I can not wait to make my high school the best place it can be"

Madelyn Dubbs - Kingsway Regional High School (2016 Session 2)

"My second year at LTC was even better than the first! I loved that the classes were focused on each of us discovering our individual visions and how we can work toward achieving them. I'm so thankful that I found such a positive environment that allows me to be myself and to accept others for who they are. I made so many amazing new friends and unforgettable memories!"

Gabriella LaSasso - Burlington Township High School (2016 Session 2)

"I had the wonderful opportunity to come back to LTC Advanced, and I can truly say that it was an amazing experience. The staff was so welcoming, and the JCs helped the delegates really step out of their comfort zones. I loved the engaging classes LTC Advanced had to offer; I felt that it allowed me to apply the skills and knowledge I learned the first time I went to LTC to real life situations. These classes were more in-depth and intriguing, and the SCs brought so much real world experience with them. Overall, I loved Advanced, as it gave me the same experiences of a delegate, but allowed me to explore myself as a leader in a unique way. I would recommend LTC Advanced to any delegate that as been to LTC!"

Alexei Sepe - Parsippany Hills High School (2016 Session 1)

"It was an amazing experience! The Junior Counselors were so nice and welcoming and the atmosphere was so refreshing and nice. I loved all the activities and the peace song. I have already decided to come back to LTC but this time in the Advanced program!"

RoseMiguels Dorsainvil - Union County Vocational-Technical School
(2016 Session 2)

"LTC was like no other camp I have ever attended. The energy and environment there cannot be replicated at any other Leadership Training Conference. This camp was so enjoyable for me because the entire community was so accepting of everyone. Whether you came from North or South Jersey, in the end it was like we were all this one big LTC Family. That's an important factor in every single camp and team. LTC was the best experience I've had!"

Jeffrey Jiang - Hillsborough High School (2016 Session 1)

"This summer I returned for LTC Advanced and it was one of the best decisions of my life! Getting to experience LTC again was so amazing. Not only did I get to participate in another LTC Games, songfest, and JCs Rock, but I also got to build on what I previously learned in my first year at LTC. The environment while at this conference is truly unbelievable and throughout the 4 days, you get to meet so many amazing, and inspiring people that help you become a better leader. The positivity that is shown in everyone is such a confidence builder. Every person you meet will help you in a different way and will assist you in becoming a better leader. I cannot express how lucky I was to attend LTC...twice!"

Christina Pace - Phillipsburg High School (2016 Session 1)

"Coming back for LTC Advanced was the best decision I've made in a while. I got the chance to build on my leadership skills since the classes went more in-depth this time. By the end of the four days we were able to plan and create a successful fundraiser or event to implement at our schools. I made so many new friends and amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Not only has LTC transformed me as leader, but also as a person! I could talk about about my experience for days and days, but you just have to come experience it yourself. LTC truly makes NJ Magical!"

Preya Patel - Parsippany Hills High School (2015 Session 2)

"LTC was an experience I will never forget. Being the only one from my school came on as a challenge to me but the overall environment and atmosphere at LTC allowed me to be comfortable with who I am without being judged. I learned so many skills that have already had a positive impact on me as a person and as a leader. Everyone around me had a positive outlook. I participated in many classes that gave me tips that I can apply to my schools student council to make it the best it can be. I also made so many great memories with so many new friends. Overall, LTC was an experience I will never forget. I suggest this to anyone looking for the best summer ever!"

Sid Sharma - Thomas Grover Middle School (2015 Session 1)

"Not only was LTC one of the best experiences, but it taught me skills that I will never forget, in order to be a great student leader. I'm really thankful I got the opportunity, and I wish it was longer!!!"

Rohan Patel - Community Middle School (2015 Session 1)

"LTC was absolutely the best experience I've ever had! I learned so much about becoming a better leader and a better person as well. I look forward to coming back to LTC Advanced!"

Medha Patil - Brooklawn Middle School (2015 Session 1)

"It's hard to explain the greatness of LTC in a short testimonial because LTC is much more than that. LTC helps you grow not only as a leader but also as a person. I loved LTC so much I came back for LTC advanced and that was the best decision of my life. If you are contemplating coming to LTC, do it! Just do it because the only regret you'll have is having to leave on day four!"

Sophie Czernecki - Holy Cross Academy (2015 Session 2)

"I just wanted to say what an incredible experience I had at LTC this year; and thank you for giving this opportunity to students across the state of New Jersey to expand and grow their leadership skills! I learned so much in four days, and I will bring back the knowledge I gained to my school, Saint Peter's Prep. I will spread the word of how great LTC is and hopefully next year we will send more students. I also plan on running for State Office in 2017, which I am already very excited for!"

Brian Savage - St. Peter's Prep (2015 Session 2)

"LTC was such a great experience and one of the best things that happened to me. Unsurprisingly, LTC Advanced was just as great as the first time I went. The environment and the people were absolutely incredible! I was able to learn so much more my second time around and build on my leadership skills even more. I had the chance to experience all this while meeting some amazing and unforgettable people! LTC has definitely made a huge impact on me as a person and as a leader. I'm more than glad I went back for a second time! However, it's really sad knowing I can't come back for another session, but hopefully I can come back as a JC!"

Juliana Kim - Mount Olive High School (2015 Session 2)

"LTC played a huge part in me realizing that I needed to be a stronger leader even if it meant speaking clearer and louder. It also showed me how much I love to be in the LTC environment and hope to return again as a JC in the upcoming summers. LTC had a fantastic impact on myself as a person and myself as a leader, I'm so glad Mrs. (Wendy Booth) Sitzler talked me into going!"

Tessa Beck - Palmyra High School (2015 Session 2)

"LTC was such a great experience for me and has made such a positive difference in my life. I have been inspired as a leader to really work hard in making my Student Council the best that it can be. I have so many great ideas thanks to talking with other delegates and advisors. I have made so many friends and memories in the four days that I spent at LTC, and it really is something that I will never forget. The skills I have learned at this conference will stay with me through the rest of my life. I loved LTC, as did every other delegate!"

Flavia Scotto d'Antuono - Burlington Township High School
(2015 Session 2)

"I didn't know what to expect, but after four days I knew I made the right choice. At LTC I learned many leadership skills that I will use in my life and in student council. LTC was a truly amazing experience. I met new friends which I will keep in touch with. The staff at LTC was very nice and welcoming. At LTC we learned from how to work in a group and as a team we will we did games as well as other activities in a group environment. While I was at LTC I made many memories that I will never forget. I can't wait to go back to LTC for many years to come!"

Demetrius Apostolis - Delaware Township School (2015 Session 2)

"Ever since I have come back from LTC I've tried to explain my time there, but there is no possible way to - you need to experience it for yourself. For me, it had to have been the best four days I could ever experience! I've learned so many new things to bring back to my school and made so many new friendships. There was not one moment where I didn't have a smile on my face. I am already excited to come back next year for Advanced and hopefully become a JC after that! Anyone who gets the chance to experience LTC should take it because you won't regret it!"

Hayley Kellar - Kingsway Regional High School (2015 Session 1)

"I was hesitant and nervous about going, not really sure what to expect. During LTC, I embraced the songs, activities, and people with open arms. I was able to meet so many people from across the state, scream circle game songs at the top of my lungs, and truly become a better leader. Now, saying I miss it would be an understatement. The experiences I gained, memories I gathered, and people I have met will last me a lifetime! I hope to be a part of the LTC community for so much longer and that many more aspiring leaders attend and learn from the lessons taught here. LTC is something truly magical, so cherish your time spent there before the time disappears right before your eyes!"

Austin Manalese - Edison High School (2015 Session 2)

"There is so much I can say about LTC! The impact it has on my life is obvious. Going to LTC allowed me to be inspired and see leaders I am striving to be. I learned new techniques involving scheduling, planning and how to actually speak with ease. The atmosphere was all positive and exciting. I felt at home and that I could talk to anyone I walked next to the whole time and they would be my friend! To anyone who is second-guessing going, don't!! After the 4 days you will not want to leave. I left the happiest I could be and with such a positive view on everything. With homecoming planning right around the corner, I feel 110% positive I can conquer the job!"

McKenzie Nugent - Kingsway Regional High School (2015 Session 2)

"LTC is so hard to capture in words, because it was, without a doubt, the best experience of my life. For the first time ever, I felt confident in my own skin and I was able to let loose without feeling judged. I absorbed so much about being a leader and being happy that it's hard to think about what my life was like before LTC. I made connections to people I never thought possible and I will hold onto every memory at LTC forever. To all the Junior and Senior Counselors at LTC: Thank you for making me laugh at any chance possible, and thank you for changing my life!"

Olivia Smithson - Washington Township High School (2015 Session 2)

"Since I got home from LTC, I've been telling my family and friends that my experience there was the best four days of my life! I will never forget the valuable lessons I learned in class, the many laughs I shared among my new friends, or the feeling of acceptance I got when I performed at the talent show. Everyone at LTC was so supportive of each other and spread a constant flow of positive energy. I can't wait to encourage other students in my school to attend this program and become stronger leaders, too! I would love to attend LTC Advanced and become a JC in the future. I'm already counting down the days until next year's session!"

Gabriella LaSasso - Burlington Township High School (2015 Session 2)

"It was really hard being the first and only delegate from my school again at LTC advanced, but I continue to be amazed at the energy, knowledge, and compassion that LTC emits to all of its delegates. I wish I could come back every year! Going through LTC twice made me even more grateful for the experience. I can't wait to maybe become a Junior Counselor and make the experience for others as MAGICAL as mine have been! LTC will always be a part of me and be my home. The memories here are so cherished and I have learned so much about being a leader, part of a group, and effective speaker. I am on the way of getting my school to etablish a chapter with NJASC! I want others to love this program like I do!"

Alexis Mignogna - Bishop Eustace Prep (2015 Session 2)

"It was a wonderful experience at LTC. The games, classes, and activities taught me that I have so much more to bring back to my school and to work on! I made so many new friends and LTC taught me that being a leader isn't just a person that takes charge and bosses everyone around, but it's a person who takes everyone's point or situation in mind and helps other towards the right path. Overall, LTC was truly magical!"

Oluwakemi Adewalure - Union County Academy for Allied Health Sciences (2015 Session 2)

"When I pulled into TCNJ I was a bit leery, but as soon as I jumped into the action I was 100% on board. The program was not only extremely fun, but also full of pertinent information and many interesting new people. I was not only able to speak my voice, but also hear the voice and ideas of others, which is so valuable. On top of that the food was delicious; I don't think I'll ever forget the Mac 'n Cheese or the rhythmic words devoted to it. I'd recommend sending future student leaders, whether they are student council, sports captain, NHS officers or club presidents to this program, as it holds great value to me and I know it would have the same value to anyone who attended. Hopefully I'll see you again, maybe as a JC!"

Emily Williamson - Paul VI High School (2015 Session 2)

" I just wanted to thank you so much for this experience! When I got home from LTC I actually got that feeling of being home sick when I was watching the video of the session. I feel like I have become a better leader and I have came out of my shell. I wish I could give all of the staff light bulb paper clips. I also wanted you to know about JC Emmy; she said something to me that I will never forget and it meant so much. I am saving one of my light bulbs for her next year when I go to LTC Advanced. For once I feel like I belonged somewhere and it felt amazing. Again I would just like to say thank you one more time for the best week in my life and I am excited for many more years of LTC to come!"

Emily Dyminski - Kittatinny Regional High School (2015 Session 2)

"As I walked with my bags through the massive groups of kids saying goodbye to their parents, I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt like a bundle of nerves. All of a sudden a swarm of teenagers in blue shirts, which I later learned were Junior Counselors, came running over and created a huge tunnel for me to walk through. The smile on my face couldn’t have been any bigger. The counselors were singing and dancing and I knew this was going to be an amazing experience. At LTC, I met so many amazing people, created lasting friendships, attended educational classes and learned so much about leadership. They gave me the skills and confidence I needed to improve upon. LTC was an unforgettable experience and I am thankful for having the opportunity to go!"

Holly Peslis - Stewartsville Middle School (2014 Session 1)

"The laughter, the excitement, the food, the color games, the battle between North and South Jersey, the workshops, and the people. All things that made an imprint on my heart at LTC. I can't wait for next summer to experience LTC Advanced!"

Darby Grant - Ocean City High School (2014 Session 1)

"LTC was such a great experience for me this past summer! Being in the Advanced group, I learned about what it means to be a leader. We also got to come up with different projects we can take home to help change our school and community; which was really amazing! All of the positive energy we all received from the JCs during the 4 days at LTC, made me a happier person. Their influence of energy that I brought home, I shared with the rest of my school and community. LTC is truly the happiest place on Earth!"

Samantha Del Sordo - Ocean City High School (2014 Session 1)

"LTC was easily one of the greatest experiences of my life. In only a matter of days, I met friends that I will keep for a lifetime and learned skills that will help me succeed as a leader in the future. In the classes we took at LTC, we learned how to balance the many hardships that life throws at us. As President of Student Council, one key skill is time management. The classes we took were extremely beneficial to learning to achieve just that. The JC's and SC's were so friendly and helpful and made my time spent there all the more enjoyable. My only regret is that I had not attended LTC sooner. It was honestly a life-changing experience and I wish I could relive my four days spent at LTC every day."

Nikki Profita - Warren Hills Regional High School (2014 Session 1)

"Attending LTC was a great experience. I learned many valuable lessons on being a leader including speaking in front of people, running an effective Student Council meeting, goals for planning SMART, campaign tips, and community events. I have taken these lessons home to my community and school; I have also taken action in implanting these ideas and skills in our Student Council meetings and events. The experience that LTC gave me has made me bloom as leader, which in response has made my school better in the terms of leadership and communicative responsibilities. LTC is definitely on my top list of experiences that I will keep with me for life. I hope to attend more LTC sessions and am excited to brag about the experience to my peers. Thank you for the amazing experience."

Savannah Pobre - Logan Township Middle School (2014 Session 2)

"Attending LTC was an amazing experience, I was very shy at first and only stayed with my one friend. When they did the JC rock I didn't want to do it becuse I was very embarassed. I made many friends and it was the best time of my life. One of my favorite things was the road kill cafe song, doing skits, seeing them do frozen about LTC, Mike reading the letters, and making the shower curtains. My favorite class was Speaking With Ease and I loved it I got to express my feelings. You should keep that food to because it is the most amazing food I have ever had. There was nothing I didn't like at LTC. The only thing I wish I did bring was more blankets because it was really cold."

Autumn Britton - Logan Township Middle School (2014 Session 2)

"LTC was honestly the best experience of my life; I cannot express how much fun I had in those three days. I learned so much about leadership and myself and it helped me grow as a leader. It brought me to meet some of my best friends whom share the same interests as me. LTC helped me become a more confident public speaker and it honestly made me love Student Council even more than I already did. It was such an unforgettable experience and I've never had so much fun in my entire life. LTC helped me grow as a leader, a person and helped me realize that I want to take on bigger roles in my school's student council such as running for our Student Council Executive Board. I can't wait to come back to LTC!"

Emily Graves - Holy Cross High School (2014 Session 2)

"I had an absolute blast at LTC... The energy of all the counselors and staff is so positive and uplifting. While there, I certainly learned a lot about the type of leader I am - and the leader I aspire to be. LTC provided me with ideas to alter and improve my school's student council. Not only that, but my time at LTC introduced me to countless incredibly good-hearted people. I will definitely be back in years to come!"

Amanda Mungcal - Northern Burlington County Regional High School (2014 Session 1)

"LTC was the highlight of my summer. Thanks to the JCs high energy, all of the delegates were able to jump right into the action after arriving at camp. My experience was one part educational, two parts sing-a-long, and three parts unforgettable! It's impossible tor describe the sudden feeling community when you start singing chants with your peers. Everyone is a little intimidated, but it doesn't take long at all to warm up and be the one taking charge! I am returning to my own student council with tons of ideas and new experiences that will take me far!"

Dana Madden - South Brunswick High School (2014 Session 1)

"My first session at LTC was all I had hoped and dreamed it would be! For the past year, my student adviser and several of my peers who had attended LTC in the past said that I was the perfect person for a program like LTC. The passion, energy, and enthusiasm that the JC's and other delegates bring to the table is unmatched. LTC is truly a magical experience that is not only fun and entertaining but also a place of growth and learning. The lessons and strategies you learn from all of the structured classes as well as the ideas you take away from talking with delegates from other schools are things I have already brought back to help make my school a better place. LTC was the undoubted highlight of my summer and I'll be back next year!"

Tyler Sanders - South Brunswick High School (2014 Session 2)

"This was my second time at LTC, I just couldn't get enough the first time! LTC of course has transformed me into a better leader after all of the classes, but my experiences at LTC also helped me to have a more positive attitude. There is no other place on this planet like LTC, it is most likely the friendliest, most energetic, and most positive environment you will ever step foot in."

Haley Schumann - Bayonne High School (2014 Session 1)

"LTC changed my life for the better. Before, I was a quiet and unconfident person but through the classes and activities I am a more confident and outgoing leader! LTC has also allowed me to meet many new people and have tons of fun. I would encourage EVERYONE who has the chance to attend LTC. You may be hesitant at first, but if you just let go and have fun LTC will change your life. I hope to bring everything I learned to my life and student council, attend LTC advanced and become a JC and even SC in the future. LTC positively changed my life and can change your life too!"

Patrick Rudroff - Cherokee High School (2014 Session 2)

"After attending LTC and LTC Advanced, I can say without hesitation that you will never be around a more supportive, loving, positive, and accepting group of people. LTC is the perfect environment to enhance and develop strong leadership skills while having the time of your life. These experiences will stay with me throughout my life and continue to inspire me to be a leader in my community!"

Amanda Elbassiouny - Warren Hills Regional High School (2014 Session 1)

"LTC was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Being the first and only delegate from my school, it was daunting to think that everyone would have friends already or have better student councils. I remember sitting down the first hour of LTC with my townhouse, and instantly it felt like I had known the girls forever. We got along so well, not only as a townhouse but a color group - the boys and other girls. All of us learned so much about being a leader through workshops and interactive games. I can bring back these amazing tips to my school now! I will never forget LTC, and have already submitted my JC form to help others have the experience I did!"

Alexis Mignogna - Bishop Eustace Prep (2014 Session 2)

"LTC was the best part of my summer! Even though it ended, I am still in contact with the people that I met there. LTC was a shock at first, but once you get into it, you can have so much fun. You learn so much in such a small time frame, it is crazy! It is such a safe environment there, no judging at all! You will become closer than you can imagine with all the people you meet. And its not just the other delegates you become friends with, its the JC's and the SC's too! Even though it is only four days, you will think it is a life time. Once it ends, you will be so sad and wish that LTC could go on forever!"

Gabriella Ruocco - Cherokee High School (2014 Session 1)

"LTC was one of the best experiences in my life! When arriving at LTC I was greeted by amazing and helpful counselors, advisers, and peers. Within the first hour everyone got comfortable with each other and were doing all the fun things the JCs were. Another amazing part of this experience was every delegate is just like you, wanting to be at LTC and wanting to learn more about leadership. At LTC I have learned many ways to become a student leader from all the informative classes. At the end of my LTC experience I gained the confidence to run in upcoming elections and it made me want to stay for even longer!"

Austin Ruth - Brooklawn Middle School (2014 Session 2)

"LTC was an unforgettable experience which I will always look back to! The enthusiastic JC's showed us that we could be ourselves and just have fun. LTC made a difference in my life because I learned how to be more confident in front of others as well as in my daily life. For example, I feel confident when I'm talking in front of a large group and I learned how to connect with the audience. I also learned how to become a better leader not by doing all the work, but guiding others too. LTC was a great way to become a better leader and it was a great way to have fun and make friends while learning!"

Serena Patel - Monroe Township Middle School (2014 Session 1)

"Attending LTC has been a life changing experience which I will never forget, all thanks to the amazing Junior Counselors who were always energetic and welcoming with a warm smile. I was able to break out of my shell and become a more confident leader over the 4 days and 3 nights that I spent at LTC while having the time of my life. The classes provided me with insight on how to become a better leader. I will also never forget how many friends I was able to make over this short period of time. In fact, I am still in contact with all of the girls from my townhouse, and my Junior Counselor. LTC has truly been the highlight of my summer, and I look forward to spending more summers at LTC as a Junior Counselor!"

Zeel Patel - Brooklawn Middle School (2014 Session 2)

"I had an amazing time at LTC! Each class taught me a ton of new techniques that I can pass on to my fellow friends, like to not judge anyone on how they are. My leadership skills increased a huge amount by the Speaking With Ease class, in which Rosie and Dr. Ken were fabulous, and the class that taught about how to run a meeting. The counselors on team Orange were terrific and my JC Ally was amazing too. She taught me a lot and always made the camp fun! I would definitly come back to LTC becasue it was a fun experience and I have made many friends. I now know a ton of new things that will help me becoming a better leader!"

Valerie Roberts - Monroe Township Middle School (2014 Session 1)

"LTC helped me learn a lot about myself and others! I am now a more confident leader and highly motivated to make my school and community a better environment and more involved with volunteering!"

Kristina Sadler - Florence Twp. Memorial High School (2014 Session 2)

"As I watched the joyfully screaming JCs, I knew that LTC will give me the time of my life. Boy was I right! As soon as I stepped into my first class, it felt as if I entered a whole new world. The lessons were so interactive and meaningful, it did not feel like a class at all but more like a diverse conversation! Plus, the Senior Counselors really implemented each idea they were teaching into each delegate's head, not to mention all of the other fun activities! Songfest, assemblies, and the JCs R.O.C.K. really helped me to break out of my shell! LTC has enlightened me on becoming a stronger and more efficient leader, as well as not being reserved when entering a new environment. LTC is an experience which lasts a lifetime!"

Aarushi Deo - Brooklawn Middle School (2014 Session 2)

"LTC was the absolute pinnacle of my summer! I nervously arrived knowing no one, but left with lasting friendships that I still maintain. LTC is 4 days of nonstop energy, fun, and laughter! All of the delegates leave their comfort zones because everyone is supportive and accepting. I learned beneficial leadership and teamwork skills through an abundance of interactive classes to help improve my school's StuCo this year. LTC is the perfect combination of energetic activities and serious classes. I want to urge any prospective delegates to not hesitate to sign up. LTC will benefit not only you, but your school. It is impossible to not have an amazing time! I'm counting down the days until next summer!"

Nicole Lynch - Rancocas Valley Regional High School (2014 Session 2)

"I entered LTC with only two friends, but I left with many more! The camp had such a welcoming atmosphere from the minute I stepped onto the campus, to the last day where I said my sad goodbyes. The classes were very interesting and entertaining, and have helped me realize what I can do to make a difference in my school to help us achieve our goals. I loved the experience of living in the townhouses and getting the feeling of freedom and of being a college student. I thoroughly enjoyed LTC, and I can't wait to go again next year!"

Simrit Grewal - Melvin H. Kreps Middle School (2014 Session 1)

"LTC is a wonderful place where you can make friendships that can last a lifetime. At first everyone is nervous but within the first half hour you feel like family. My experience at LTC has taught me so much now I look at everything so differently. If you are debating about coming to LTC the choice is simple you should most definatly come and join the family. The memories you will make will last you a lifetime. LTC forever!"

Diya Patel - Brooklawn Middle School (2014 Session 1)


Engaging GROUP ACTIVITIES that will inform, entertain, invigorate, and inspire you to become part of something special - and which are also a whole LOT of fun...
An outstanding SOCIAL PROGRAM which makes the overall LTC experience not only educational but extremely entertaining as well - you'll laugh as you learn...
New FRIENDSHIPS you'll quickly make and that will last a lifetime, plus valuable networking with fellow student leaders from throughout New Jersey...
Inspiring MUSIC that will not only entertain you - it will involve you as we create a special community where you will quickly feel right at home...
DISCOVER new things about yourself, and become part of a community where you can confidently bring out and share talents you never thought that you had...

If you want to become a STRONG student leader prepared to improve your school and community, come to LTC and you'll return energized to do all that and so much more!